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Cincinnati, Ohio

Hard Rock/ Metal


Rising from the heartland of Cincinnati, Ohio, Xero Hour stands as a beacon in the modern hard rock landscape. Weaving together potent strands of stoner rock, metal, and an undercurrent of Psychedelic Stoner Doom, Xero Hour's sound defies definition yet strikes a familiar chord within the soul of every listener.

With an ethos deeply ingrained in the principles of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee's philosophical martial art, Xero Hour transcends musical boundaries, embracing a fluidity that allows them to effortlessly tap into the raw energy of rock in its purest form. Their music is an electrifying journey, one that straddles the boundary between the known and the unknown, forging a path all of their own.

In the face of adversity, Xero Hour thrives, channeling their defiance into a sonic middle finger, an audacious tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. With their unapologetic hard rock sound, they inspire listeners to join them in this rebellious stand, cultivating a kinship rooted in authenticity and raw emotion.

Xero Hour is more than a band; they are a dynamo of hard-hitting, high-energy performances, fueled by original compositions that ignite the senses. They don't just play their music; they live it, delivering it with every ounce of their passion and intensity. Each live performance is an immersive experience, a chance to lose oneself in the ebb and flow of their all-encompassing sound.

Their ultimate goal extends beyond mere entertainment. They strive to connect on a deeper level, to cultivate a visceral bond with their audience, one that resonates long after the last chord has faded. The Xero Hour experience is an electrifying fusion of sensory stimulation, where the spirit of hard rock meets the soul of the listener.

Journey with Xero Hour as they redefine the hard rock landscape, one unforgettable performance at a time


Delvin from Tunepical said: "Xero Hour's "Breaking Away" is the perfect mix of attitude, message, and sound."  

Check out the full article about our song "Breaking Away" on the Tunepical website.

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